Bulldog Packaging offers the industry’s most flexible import program, with the lowest minimums and best quality.  Bulldog Packaging offers a wide range of import products and different material types.  Your customer can choose from; non woven, laminated bags, 80% post-consumer RPET, laminated woven, paper euro totes, kraft paper, boxes, nylon and much more.  With over 20 years of importing expertise, we are happy to help and assist with any needs though out the order process.  From assisting in design work, spec samples, expedited production and delivery or drop shipping and fulfillment, we are motivated to ensure the order process is always a success. 

                Our import program allows your customer to try a new design or product without a massive commitment to inventory.  We offer custom non woven bags (with any trim, panel or handle color combinations) at 300 piece minimums, this includes garment bags and insulated foodservice bags. Laminated bags (in any standard substrate) can be produced for 1,000 pieces.  Custom paper euro totes can be made to order for 1,000 pieces.  Nylon materials can be run in as few as 300 pieces.  Custom gift boxes, along with any insert, can be made in as few as 300 pieces. 

                Construct your customer’s overseas project to create that perfect piece.  Custom items create that dynamic impact and impression that is sure to set your customer’s brand apart from their competition.  Weather they are looking for unique graphics, shapes, color combinations or simply looking to save money while creating an item true to their brand identity, our custom non wovens are a perfect option. 

                Please select the bag material or import product you are looking to produce, now let’s get to the fun part and design that piece.